TB500 Dose

You will not experience the full potential of TB500 if you take the wrong TB500 dose.

In fact, you might suffer unpleasant side effects if you take too much. Therefore, it’s best to ensure you’re on the correct dose.

This article will expand on what the correct TB500 dose should be and more.

The Different Ways To Take TB500

Injecting TB500 is the most effective way to take the drug. As such, a dose of TB may be taken either subcutaneously, intravenously, or intramuscularly.

When injecting TB500 intramuscularly, it’s best to do it as near as possible to the injury site.

It’s not always easy to inject medication into a muscle. And this technique calls for inserting the needle straight into the affected muscle.

Injecting subcutaneously requires pinching the skin at the point you wish to inject. Afterward, you’ll need to push the needle through the membrane.

This method doesn’t hurt as much. At worst, you should only feel a little sting.

Intravenous therapy requires the TB500 to be delivered into the system via a vein.

But take note that getting an intravenous injection requires the close supervision of a medical professional.

What Is The Recommended TB500 Dose? 

The appropriate dose is determined by the reason you are taking TB500 and the kind of wound or damage being treated. 

First, you should consider the initial loading period of 4 to 6 weeks. A general guideline dosage of between 4 and 8 mg of TB500 per week would be recommended for this period.

This would be followed by a maintenance dosage of between 2 and 6 mg every two weeks. After taking TB500, the symptoms should be gone in around two to three weeks.


It is advisable to stick to the correct dose when taking TB500. A proper TB500 dose will give you the best effect and save the stress of seeing the doctor unnecessarily.