Is TB500 Orally Available?

Does your aversion to injections make you wonder, “Is TB500 orally available?”. For most drugs, there are usually tablets or capsules for those who prefer to take them in that form.

Does this also apply to the TB500 peptide? Read on to learn more about the orally available TB500.

Is TB500 Orally Available?

So, is TB500 orally available? Yes, you can find TB500 in oral form. 

The oral version of this peptide is available in tablet or capsule form. However, bear in mind that TB500 has poor oral bioavailability, which means the oral version isn’t as effective.

Taking TB500 via subcutaneous injection is most popular because it renders results faster.

In an attempt to make TB500 capsules more effective, substances have been added to bind the ingredients together.

The most prominent capsule-based formula is referred to as “Ac-SDKP”. Ac-SDKP has a more advanced level of oral bioavailability than ordinary Thymosin Beta-4 (TB500).

Is Oral TB500 Effective?

The oral form of TB500, known as Ac-SDKP, is derived from reducing the length of the TB500 fragment from seven to four amino acids.

Despite this, Ac-SDKP retains many of the same properties as the longer peptide. 

Ac-SDKP’s positive benefits on various cardiovascular and renal disorders are generally accepted.

That said, Ac-SDKP has been linked to IBD. However, the role it plays in the illness is little known.

It is, therefore, advisable to stick to taking TB500 via injections as its effects are more assured this way.

Ensure you obtain medical advice before taking TB500 for the first time.


Given the research, it’s advisable to take TB500 in the form of an injection, as doctors most often prescribe.

Though you may come across capsules, they are not as effective as injections.

Nor can their efficacy be guaranteed. Irrespective, you no longer need to wonder: Is TB500 orally available?