CBD Oil Side Effects You Should Know

CBD Oil Side Effects You Should Know

CBD has been getting a lot of coverage across media and social media channels these days. Some are touting it as a cure-all, while others are trying to do just the opposite. No matter which side you’re on, you should know what the side effects of using this “magic” oil are.

CBD oil is highly effective for a number of ailments from pain and inflammation to seizures and anxiety disorders. Nevertheless, this article will look at scientific research and address reports and testimonies from CBD fans.

Cannabidiol, CBD, and hemp oil are the most common phrases used to describe this oil.

Side Effects of CBD Oil

The truth of the matter is that the side effects of CBD are quite minor. It is widely considered a safe substance. When you use pure CBD oil that doesn’t contain THC, it cannot affect your brain by making you high.

This is a full list of the side effects documented or reported from current studies and research.


CBD oil is being used to effectively treat headaches and migraines. People who use it for headache and migraine relief offer positive reports about its effectiveness. The main reason one might suffer headaches when using CBD oil is that the product used is of low quality. It may contain ethanol or isopropanol, which some people have a sensitivity to. Switching to a high-quality hemp oil should remedy this problem.


A few people who have taken CBD oil reported minor stomach problems. There is no scientific evidence of this side effect. It’s rather odd to have this side effect since this oil is widely used to relieve nausea and vomiting. If you experience nausea from taking CBD, try decreasing the dose and see if that helps.

An Increase in Tumors in Parkinson’s Patients

If someone you know (or you) suffers from Parkinson’s disease, be sure to consult with your doctor before taking hemp oil. While there are patients who benefit greatly from using CBD for Parkinson’s, there are claims of increased tumors in Parkinson’s patients taking the oil.

Early studies have shown that doses that are too high could be the culprit. Current research indicates that at the proper low doses, it is a safe and effective solution. However, due to the conflicting data related to Cannabidiol, it is recommended to speak with your doctor before using it.

Dry Mouth

Hemp oil may cause dry mouth. Researchers are sure why it happens, but this 2006 study provides a possible explanation. The findings claim that the endocannabinoid system receptors CB1 and CB2 (found in the glands that aid in saliva production) are affected and could result in a reduction in saliva production. It’s not harmful, but increasing your water intake should solve the issue.

Drowsiness or Sleepiness

CBD oil is used to help promote sleep and prevent insomnia, so it should come as no surprise that it causes sleepiness. Dosages make the difference between relaxation and calm and sleepiness.

Low doses produce a calming effect. Slightly higher doses aid in sleep and insomnia issues. Even higher doses may cause insomnia. You can see why it is important to know about dosing. It does take hours to kick in, so be aware of that factor as well.

Low Blood Pressure

While some people can benefit from lower blood pressure, those with normal levels need to be aware of this side effect from taking hemp oil. This may occur within just a few minutes after it enters your system.

Lowered blood pressure does not happen to every CBD user. However, if it does, you could experience a minute or two of lightheadedness. If you have low or high blood pressure, it is smart to talk to your doctor before partaking. You should also be aware of this if you take blood pressure medication.

These are all the possible side effects currently known, documented, or reported from using CBD oil.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding CBD oil.

Can You Overdose on CBD Oil?

Studies have shown that the consistent, long-term use of CBD oil does not show health concerns. A 2006 study shows it has no significant toxic effect I humans.

Another study showed that even chronic use and higher doses of up to 1,500 milligrams per day are well-tolerated by humans. It also showed no signs of adverse side effects or toxicity.

The only conclusion to draw based on this information is that using CBD oil as recommended at reasonable doses won’t cause overdose or toxicity.

What Does CBD Oil Feel Like?

CBD oil doesn’t feel like anything in particular, unless you experience any of the above side effects.

The only thing(s) you should feel include:

  • Mood Boost
  • Lessened anxiety
  • Sleepy or drowsy
  • Relaxation and mild loosening of tight muscles
  • Reduced pain and inflammation

Does CBD Oil Get you High?

If you’re looking to get high on CBD oil, you will be sadly disappointed. While CBD oils may contain trace amounts of THC (the compound that gets you high), the levels are so low that they don’t produce that effect. Chemically-speaking, CBD oil cannot get you high.

Be aware, however, that there are low-quality CBD oils with higher levels of THC that could produce the effect of getting high. Quality brands will not.

Does CBD have drug interactions?

Drug interactions when taking CBD may occur, as with any supplement or medication. CBD oil may inhibit some liver enzymes needed to metabolize pharmaceutical drugs. High doses of CBD may temporarily neutralize said liver enzymes, which will affect how drugs are used in the human body.

Essentially, CBD oil interacts with certain drugs similarly to how eating a grapefruit would.

Even though it’s almost inconsequential if you are taking medications prescribed by your doctor, talk to your pharmacist and/or doctor about possible drug interactions.

How can you choose the best CBD Oil?

Just like any natural supplement, the goal is to seek purity. That is the most important factor to consider when choosing the best CBD oil.

  • Check for purity – It should contain 50 percent or more CBD with zero to only trace amounts of THC.
  • Check the source – CBD manufactured in Europe, Canada, or the USA are under the strictest regulations to ensure quality.
  • Avoid the cheapest – Never sacrifice quality for price when it comes to CBD oil. Be choosy. This is your health you are dealing with.


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