Aseptic Filling

Small-scale aseptic filling of viral and non-viral products are available onsite. Vialing capacity of 200 – 2000 vials per day is available with fill volumes ranging from 100ul to 100ml.

Key Benefits of Omnia’s Aseptic Filling Services

– GMP aseptic filling of viral and infectious materials
– Documented to meet FDA requirements for Phase I/II clinical manufacture
– Pricing is based on small runs for a small, not large, facility

One of Omnia’s unique service offerings is the filling of materials that are considered infectious or toxic. We perform this filling – under cGMP – in a separate BSL-3 virus production area with capacities of 200 to 2000 vials per day using a semi-automated process.

Please contact us to discuss your filling needs. If we are unable to assist you we’ll attempt to guide you to others who might.

GMP aseptic filling slots are currently available.

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