BPC 157 Dose

It’s pointless taking BPC 157 when you’re not using the proper BPC 157 dose. If the drug is to function appropriately in any way, you must take it correctly. 

For this purpose, we’ve compiled this post to walk you through the proper dosage recommended for this supplement. You can rest assured you won’t experience problems following the information in this post. 

The Different Ways To Take BPC 157 

There are several routes of administration for BPC 157, with differing degrees of efficiency and dosage simplicity. BPC 157 is available to you in the following ways:

Subcutaneous Intake

Injecting BPC 157 subcutaneously is simple. You can do it anywhere: at home, in the office, or even on the go.

While the needle does penetrate your skin, it does not travel very far. This less-invasive approach can address damage to muscles, tendons, and ligaments without causing much discomfort.

Intramuscular Administration

A consultation is required for intramuscular administration. When treating injured athletes, many frequently choose intramuscular administration of BPC 157.

This is because it allows the drug to travel directly to the site of the injury and begin working quickly. While this treatment may hurt like hell, just think of how fast your injuries will heal.

Tablet Or Drink Form

If you’d prefer not to inject BPC 157, you can take it orally in pill or liquid form. This is a very convenient method for many who are not used to injections.

Nonetheless, it may not break down as quickly as using other methods. If possible, take it in the form of a drink instead.

Nasal Method

BPC 157 nasal spray is yet another delivery method. However, the nasal and oral routes of administration have been shown to be effective in alleviating allergy and mold toxicity symptoms.

It speeds up neuron repair and lowers the risk of brain inflammation

What Is the Recommended BPC 157 Dose? 

BPC-157 is typically administered through intramuscular injection. For this, the BPC 157 dose is 200–300 micrograms (mcg) once daily for up to 4 weeks.

Based on a study involving 80-kilogram adults, this equates to about 2.5 to 3.75 micrograms per kilogram of body weight.

However, benefits have been seen at doses as low as 1 mcg/kg. If you’d prefer not to receive a BPC 157 injection, you can still get the desired effects by taking it orally.

Note that you may need to increase your dosage to account for the drug’s loss in the digestive tract.

Do I Need To Take BPC 157 On An Empty Stomach?

Generally, it’s best to take this drug on an empty stomach, irrespective of the forms it’s taken in.

If more than one dose must be given each day, the injections should be given at least three hours apart.

When it comes to injections, in particular, they must be given only while the stomach is empty.


Like with every other drug, the incorrect intake of BPC 157 can negatively affect the body.

Don’t take this supplement irresponsibly when craving relief. Remember to make sure of the recommended BPC 157 dose before intake.