Cell and Virus banking

The establishment of compliant, robust, and traceable cell and viral banks is critical for GMP production. Banking of master and working cell banks (MCB, WCB) for mammalian cells are performed in a separate area designed for these activities. Viral banking services are completely segregated from non-viral activities to ensure no cross-contamination of products.

Mammalian Cell Banks

– Base master & working cell lines (eg. HEK-293, Vero)
– Stable recombinant protein/antibody expressing lines (CHO, NS/0, BHK-21)
– Human and non-human stem cells

Viral Cell Banks

– Viral Seed Stocks
– Viral vectors for gene delivery (adenovirus, retrovirus, lentivirus, AAV, others)
– Viral vectors for vaccines (live, attenuated, and whole-killed)
– Banking/vialing of purified phage

Quality assays for release of all banks are performed by outside testing firms to ensure safety and stability of these products.

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