OmniaManufacturing Services for Novel Biologics

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Preclinical and GMP Manufacturing

Omnia currently produces preclinical and GMP Phase I/II clinical materials used in vaccine and gene therapy applications. Omnia’s facility has a flexible design to accommodate numerous manufacturing platforms so it can meet most customer requirements.

Facility highlights:
- Three separate manufacturing suites. Viral and non-viral suites are on separate   HVAC systems. Viral suite is single pass air
- BSL-3 Capabilities: Omnia can produce products under BSL-3 for the production of   organisms or toxins requiring such containment. Unlike other facilities that claim
  “BSL-2 plus,” Omnia can truly operate under BSL-3
- A Facility Monitoring System monitors essential equipment 24 hours a day and notifies   personnel if required
- Small footprint combined with high efficiency systems reduce operating costs over   longer campaigns and for smaller production runs
- Omnia places a heavy reliance on disposable systems to reduce changeover and   validation costs

GMP manufacturing is currently available for those products produced in mammalian cells or cell-free systems.